Our Proven VICTOR® Core Ingredients

When we set out to create VICTOR, we did our research, met with top ingredient producers and developed each formula to serve specific purposes — while meeting our own high standards. From that work, we created our unique base of four essential VICTOR Core ingredients. Found in every bag of VICTOR dog food, these ingredients come together to provide superior nutrition for your pets.



fuels metabolic function, cellular regeneration and a strong immune response

Easily absorbed, stored and used in the body, selenium yeast offers essential metabolism, cellular regeneration and immune response support. All VICTOR formulas contain selenium yeast as their sole source of selenium. Selenium yeast can be absorbed in the bloodstream, and is stored in cells for use during times of stress. Learn more about Selenium Yeast.



support a healthy coat and skin, paw pad integrity, immune response and efficient metabolism

Easily absorbed by the digestive system into the bloodstream, our essential complex minerals (zinc, manganese and iron) work on the cellular level to promote efficient metabolic function and support a healthy coat and skin, paw pad integrity and a strong immune system. Complex minerals also support wound healing, cell division and synthesis functions — all necessary for skeletal growth, joint cartilage health and reproductive system integrity. Learn more about Complex Minerals.



promote immune defense and healthy digestive systems

VICTOR’s blend of powerful prebiotics (labeled as Hydrolyzed Yeast) promotes a healthy digestive system and works in concert with other nutrients to support immune defense systems. Made from the rich outer layer of the yeast cell, pathogenic bacteria act as prebiotics that naturally attract and attach to the unique shape of yeast fractions floating in the digestive system. They are then harmlessly flushed through and out.



stimulate healthy digestion and a strong immune system


Rich in beneficial metabolites that directly feed good digestive bacteria, probiotics support a healthy digestion as well as a strong immune system, both of which are vital for good health and longevity.